Do you have duplicates you don't know what do do with? Maybe you have some low mint cards or valuable collectibles you would like to sell for some Epicoins?

To sell an item, you must first navigate to the item you want to sell. Go to your Library in the menu bar marked by the three overlapping card icon shown below:

You must then navigate to the correct season, library set, & collection tier to narrow down your library search. Next you will want to identify which collectible you would like to sell.

Once you decide on which item to sell, you will have to be specific if you have multiple of the same collectible. Keep in mind lower mints have increased trophy score for the leaderboard and tend to have more value! Once you pick which item to sell, click the list on market button.

Note: If you would like to change the collectible being offered if you have multiple, use the left and right arrows on the card display to change mint numbers:

After clicking the List on Market button, you may then decide how many coins you want to sell the collectible for. You are able to list based on purchase price for the buyer (Price) or sellers earning from the sale (You receive.) Entering either will auto populate the other. Epics does collect a 15% commission on all market sales.

When deciding on a price, it may be beneficial to do your research! You have instant information for the current lowest of that collectible on the market if there is one and well as a suggested value. This suggestion does not factor in your mint number, so proceed at your own risk!

Lastly, you can click the Recent Sales button to get a breakdown of recent sales of the selected collectible as well as the mint of each item sold

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