The easiest and most efficient way to fill out your Epics collections are to purchase packs from the Epics pack store. There are a few ways to purchase packs on Epics;

  1. The pack store located in the middle of your bottom navigation bar
  2. Completing your collection from the overview page 
  3. From inside a ghost card (Tapping a card you do not own)

Pack Store

The pack store contains all the packs available to purchase, all in one place. You can find the core Epics packs, Seasonal Packs and also Team Packs here. To purchase a pack simply click on the pack, here you can view what's in the pack, what season the pack is from and the probability of the items available in the pack. 

Collection Overview 

The collection overview area is the quickest way to get the cards you need to fill your collection. We detect which cards you need and provide you with the pack that we believe will help you fill your collection the quickest. 

Ghost Cards
A ghost card is a card you do not own and they show up in your collection as greyed out cards. Simply tap on a ghost card to  acquire it quickly. We show you all the packs that you can get the card from as well as all current market listings for the card with their prices and mint numbers.

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