Looking to build your Epic's collection? Unpack some premium mints? You can start by purchasing packs from the Epic's Pack Store.

You can access the Pack Store by clicking the overlapping card with the $ icon:

You will then see current packs (including those that are sold out) and upcoming packs for future releases. The Purple/Gold/Diamond packs contain core cards. The higher the tier, the better chances you have at higher tier cards.

When viewing a pack in the pack store you can see both the possible contents and distribution of items within the pack:

If you are committed to a pack purchase, you can use the Choose Amount slider to determine how many packs you want to buy and the total price of all packs will be reflected in the Buy For Button.

If a pack you were looking to acquire sold out, you still have a chance to get it! On the marketplace. Users will list packs for other users to purchase with Epicoins, reference the below steps to find market packs.

Lastly, you may see Spotlights that advertise a pack store release. you can click on the image to take you straight to the pack purchase option:

May the rare collectibles and premium mints be forever in your favor, colectors!

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