During each season we'll be dropping new sub collections regularly (sometimes multiple times every week). The goal is to always have fresh content to discover and give collectors a wide variety of cool cards to get ahold of. 

There are few restrictions on the types of add-on collections. Some will be full sets with every player in the season and some will be limited to specific players or teams. Some will drop all at once and some will be spread out throughout the season. Also, an important thing to note: Some add-on collections will be extremely rare with only a few cards of that type ever produced and dropped. It's critical that collectors be ready each drop day to check out what Epics releases in order to have a chance to get the best/rarest cards!

Our first add-on collections for 2018 will be announced shortly after the Core season collection is released. Stay tuned to our Twitter and make sure you enable push notifications in the app in your settings section to receive new content drop alerts!

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