Content drops are how we release new Add-on content to Epics collectors. There are few limits to the type of content we'll drop and there are a few different ways that we can drop it, so it's important to: 

  1. Enable push notifications in the app (this setting can be found in your user profile section)
  2. Follow our twitter account 

These are the only two places drops will be announced, so if you don't want to miss out on the sickest cards make sure you stay tuned to those two places. 

Drop Types

There are a few types of drops we can make on Epics (the ones that are coming soon are noted below). There is no set schedule of drop types - it will vary from week to week depending on the content we're dropping. Some cards make sense release one way vs. another and we'll try to do a good job of balancing it to make the drop process fun through the season.

We may add or remove drop types depending on how we and the community feel about them, but this is what's currently planned:

  1. Packs - Packs with collection cards will be added to pack store
  2. Limited Edition Blind Packs- These are packs that contain one random limited edition card
  3. Market Listings - Cards will be added directly to the Epics marketplace with a specified price
  4. Auctions (Coming Soon) - Cards or packs will be added to the marketplace as auction listings with the highest bidder winning the item
  5. Freebies - Cards or packs will be dropped into the marketplace or pack store for free. We do this partly because we're good people and partly because we're insane 
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