Every Epics Card is Unique
Mint numbers show the unique serial number for every Epics collectible - they are created at the time the item is minted (hence the name) and they show the batch and number within the batch for that item. For example, the first Niko 2019 Purple Common card would be mint number A1 (A = Batch and 1 = order within the batch). The second would be A2, the third A3, etc. 

Once we hit the upper limit for a batch (This differs by the card tier but common cards are 10,000 cards as an example), we start the next batch (B mints). The first card in the second batch would be B1. This is repeated for all card types and players, so there is an A1 for every type of card for every player on Epics. 

We also provide some vanity mint numbers for special collections like the Hyperbeast Founders collection - we used HB for this set, so the first card was HB1. It's a way to add some fun to limited run sets. Some cards are also part of limited edition low number sets, like our Midnights collection. These are shown with the minting order of the card and the total cards minted for that type (1 of 10) would be the first of 10 cards. Collectors often try to get a set of cards that are all 1/10 or 5/10 as it adds value to their collection.  

Low Mints = More Leaderboard Points
Mint numbers aren't just for show - the lower the mint number the better the card's leaderboard score. There is a huge score benefit to getting an A1 card vs. a lower mint like C1000. This is very important for hardcore collectors who want to rank up on the leaderboards for specific collections (like for example if they really like NiP and want to have the best possible NiP collection on Epics). There are many collectors like this - so watch out to see if you get lucky and pull a good mint. They will often make very generous trades or purchases to get low mints.

Everyone Can Find Low Mints - So Watch Out!!!
Mints are distributed in packs randomly unless otherwise specified. However, for the core collection low mints like A1-A20 are generally contained in the first 1-2 months worth of packs as we are constantly minting new packs to fill demand for the core set. We have many limited edition drops throughout the season that will never be minted again and collectors stand a fair chance at getting those low mints for many drops, even if you don't want to pay. We try to make sure that everyone has a chance at the rush of finding a mythical A1 mint 

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