If you’re reading this, it probably means you’re the proud new owner of an Epics card :) Congrats - we couldn’t be happier to have you in our community. 

This brief tutorial is meant to show you how to enable your card on Epics so you can view it, trade it for free or craft in our apps or sell it on our marketplace.

Let’s get started!

*** Note: If you don’t have an Ethereum wallet verified on your Epics account you will need to go through this process on our web app. Once you’ve linked your ETH wallet, you’ll be able to use our mobile apps to send or retrieve your ETH tokens to and from your wallet ***

First visit and set up a free account. You’ll need to run through the quick onboarding tutorial which will show you the basics of how Epics works. It only takes 2 minutes and you’ll get some cool cards out of it :)

Once you’re done the tutorial you’ll land on the app’s dashboard - now you just have to open your user menu at the top right of the page or click the Metamask logo in the footer to start the process of linking your wallet (If you don’t have an Ethereum wallet you’ll need to get one by following the guide here)

If you choose to use the top right menu, select “Manage Your Ethereum Wallet” from the options list

Clicking the Metamask icon or "Manage Ethereum Wallet" from the user menu will open this page. If you have a wallet linked already it will display the wallet details. If you don’t it will prompt you to start the verification process. Go ahead and click the button shown below. 

Note: This will initiate a popup, so make sure you have them enabled for our site

Next you should see a cheeky popup from MetaMask - Go ahead and click confirm. 

Note: You have to have at least a small ETH balance in order to confirm your account. If you need ETH you can buy it from an exchange like Coinbase)

Once you click confirm we’ll start processing the confirmation in the background - you don’t have to do anything else. You can continue to navigate the site and you will be prompted with a notification when the process is complete. 

Note: Watch out for any error messages from MetaMask. If your verification doesn’t work please contact support by clicking the chat button on the bottom right of the app

Once your account is verified you will see your wallet address and a success message like the image below

Now you can go to your library by clicking the icon with three cards on the left side menu. Once you’re there click “Limited Edition” and “Astralis Midnights” from the collection sub menus. 

Cards you own will show up normally, cards you don’t will be grayed out. Click on a card you own that you want to enable on Epics. 

Now you will see the card detail page. Click the “Retrieve from Wallet” button to enable trading on Epics. 

The process may take a bit for the blockchain to process the transaction, but you can continue to navigate the site while you wait. We’ll notify you when the item is enabled for trading. 

If you want to send your item back your wallet, simply use the same button to initiate the trade! 

Note: You will need to make sure your item is not listed in a trade or on the market in order to send it to an external wallet 

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