I bought or traded for an Epics token on a third party Ethereum market - how to I enable it on Epics? 

  • Check out this article for a detailed explanation on how to enable your tokens on Epics

What Epics items can I tokenize?

  • You can tokenize any item on Epics!

How do I tokenize a card on Epics?

  • You can tokenize any card in your library by going to the card view and selecting the Ethereum icon 
  • Note: Some rare and limited edition Epics items will be tokenized at the time they are minted in our system. If you have one of these you will see an icon indicating it’s tokenized 

Why doesn’t Epics tokenize all cards on the blockchain?

  • There are a couple of simple reasons: Scale and cost. Epics has already distributed 7.5 million packs and over 30 million cards to our collectors. There is currently no widely used public blockchain that could support those types of numbers and the amount of transactions our collectors make per day. That may change in the future as new technology is released and we’re actively keeping an eye on several projects, but right now it’s just not feasible. Second, it costs ETH for every transaction on the public chain. We do our best to minimize these costs, but there’s no way around at least some cost for having items on chain. The majority of Epics cards are commons - these don’t really make sense to put on chain and have them cost 20 cents to trade with your friend (and take up to 5 minutes to transfer). However, a 2019 dev1ce 1/15 Midnight certainly does merit those costs for the additional security and ownership provided by blockchain tech. 

How much does it cost to tokenize a card?

  • We’re setting the cost at 250 Epicoins to begin with. This will cover the cost of the initial minting of the token and the cost of moving it in and out of third party wallets. We may change this cost in the future depending on how the economics evolve and what we learn.

What cards can I tokenize?

  • You can tokenize anything your heart desires as long as you have 250 Epicoins you’re willing to part with to do it.

How do I withdraw a tokenized item to my external Ethereum wallet?

  • First you will need to verify your Ethereum wallet on Epics using Metamask. This may sound difficult, but it’s pretty ez for the PC master race 
  • Once you tokenize an item and verify your ETH wallet you will see a new icon that has the Ethereum logo and an arrow on it - just tap that and confirm (Note: You must have a wallet address verified to withdraw an item. Follow the instructions provided in the app to create and verify your wallet) 
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