The Trading page can be found by clicking the right and left arrow icon found in the title bar and menu bar shown below.

When on the trading page, you will see a few different options. If you are looking for a specific user, then you can search them in the search field below:

For those of you who don't have a anyone to trade with (you know who you are) then you can post in trade chat. Our trade chat boasts only the most detailed and unique requests as shown, below.

When you want to check your incoming and outgoing trades, you can review them in the far right pane of the trading page. We will get into Market Offers in a separate article.

From the Trade Chat pane, you can select either the user's name or profile to begin a trade with them. You can also type the name of a specific player. With the correct prefix, you will receive a list of suggestions as shown below:

Once you are on the profile of the user you would like to trade with, make sure to add cards you want, as well as cards you are willing to trade (uhhh, hello? trading 101.) Understanding rarity and mint is critical for the best chance of others accepting your trade. Review the Mint and Rarity for more detailed information on collectibles.

Once you line up the trade, click send. Now it is out of your hands. You can always cancel a trade, but only if it has not been accepted. You can go to the trade screen, click outgoing trades, and click withdraw.

In trades you have the ability to send a message to the user. Not all users will check the message history of each of their trades. Don't take it personally if you do not receive a reply.

If your trade is declined, the individual may also decide to leave a message as to why they declined. This text would show in your alerts history.

So, who's ready to trade dupes for needs?!

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